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Energy Powering Opportunity
June 11-13, 2024
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada


Energy Security in the Natural Capital Economy

It is posited that we Humans, who believe we are made in the image of God, are an intelligent species able to invent and deploy the technology to allow the harvesting and use of non-renewable and renewable natural capital resources in an emissions free and environmentally sustainable manner! 

Environmental Sustainability and Energy Security can only be achieved through local production of Energy in all its forms.

Governments and Industry scramble to make R & D investments in “green technology” to lower carbon footprints and reduce emissions. It is time to act, instead of talking about it or uselessly demonstrating, in such hypocrisy and misguided missions to save the world. Why is it desired to crush the efficient energy systems that have lifted the masses out of poverty? When will it be realized that they are killing the very poor they purport to be attempting to save with every incremental increase in the cost of energy!

The environmental technology exists and has been paid for by decades of private and taxpayer funded research but languishes on the archive shelves of universities and research institutes around the world, seldom if ever getting to the market.

This treasure trove of innovations in science and technology will provide humanity with the tools to right our stewardship path and producing all forms of energy in a virtually emissions free process while eliminating our wastes entirely and preserving our environment for future prosperity.

A ‘funding gap’ exists that makes it nearly impossible for the commercialization of this science and technology to reach the market. This gap also exists in the development of social infrastructure. Natcap’s proprietary financial strategies fill this funding gap to allow sustainable development in all sectors of our society.

The Natcap Group is providing the Natural Capital Solution to enable local energy security through the deployment of the innovative Carbon-Conversion Clean-Technology that converts 100% of the feedstocks to high demand Green Energy and Carbon products in a virtually ‘emissions free’ process.

CCT Reactors are modular and deployed in Natcap Power Plants that are scaled to meet the energy consumption needs of the Community using all carbon-based materials as feedstock; Oilfield & Industrial Wastes, Plastics & Tires, MSW, Coal and Ag-Forestry Biomass. The “Last Mile” comprehensive waste-to-resource program is designed to eliminate all waste, reclaim legacy landfills and eliminate the need for future landfills.

The market-leading technology deployment is underway in India & Canada. Natcap Power is establishing a Green Hydrogen production facility in Alberta that will produce 250,000 MT annually. This facility will also produce Electricity and Low-Carbon/Low-Sulphur Ecofuels and remove & sequester 375,000 MT of Carbon annually.

Natcap Power Plants developed under the “cost-free’ Natural Capital Infrastructure Development P3 Programs are conducted in Public Private Partnerships sponsored by Municipalities, Provincial or State & National Governments to enact sustainable local energy security.

Natcap provides the natural capital solutions for reducing carbon footprints and empowering industry and our Communities for long-term local economic, energy and environmental sustainability.

The Natcap Group is enabling localized circular economies to develop economic, social & environmental capital. For the security of all Stakeholders in making its “High-Impact Investments” the Natcap Group has integrated Environmental & Social Governance Criteria (ESG) into its Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) decision making process.

In concern for the preservation of wealth and the mitigation of risk, Natcap has prepared the innovative financial strategies that secure all who desire to participate in the highly profitable, fully funded and secure deployment of Natcap’s innovative and market leading state-of-the-art technology.

Natcap continues to form relationships with Communities, Industry, Governments, Sponsors, Public & Private Investors and Financial Institutions to accelerate the adoption of Natcap’s infrastructure programs and the global deployment of its market leading technologies that will empower communities to build sustainable, local, circular economies while regenerating the environment to mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

Garth Watson, Keeper of the Garden

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